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Keystroke Encryption Software
for Consumer Customers


EndpointLock helps to protect all of your private information away from spying eyes. 

Protects you from the #1 cause of 
identity theft on your device

Keylogging spyware is one of the most common, yet dangerous components of malware used to steal everything typed into a desktop or mobile device for the purpose of identity theft and financial gain. Keyloggers steal banking credentials, credit card information, health information, social security numbers, private emails and text messages. They are downloaded to your device as a result of clicking on an infected link inside an email, text message or web page. 

For the consumer, EndpointLock is bundled with our CyberIDLock Identity Theft Protection Plan which also includes:

  • Identity monitoring

  • Unlimited Dark Web Email Address Scanning

  • Fully Managed Recovery

  • $1,000,000 ID Theft Coverage Policy.

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EndpointLock™ Key Features:

Continuous Protection
  • Eliminates the ability of keylogging spyware to capture keystrokes on your device, even those not yet discovered by antivirus, antispyware and firewalls.

  • EndpointLock works on its own and requires no technical experience or interaction from the user. 

  • Your EndpointLock Dashboard lets you know your encryption is working.

  • A dedicated Secure Keyboard is used for mobile to let you know everything you type is being kept private.

  • Can encrypt all international keyboards

  • Works with Wireless & Bluetooth keyboards

  • Built here in the USA

  • ACS was named one of the 20 Most Promising Cyber Security Solution Providers in 2017,


Protect your Android and iOS mobile devices from keylogging spyware

EndpointLock™ for Mobile:
  • Supports: Apple iPhones & iPads, Android Phones & Tablets.

  • Secures while

    • typing private emails and text messages

    • shopping online

    • filling out private forms

    • banking

An estimated 16 million mobile devices are infected with mobile malware. Keylogging spyware makes its way onto your device when unknowingly clicking infected links or downloading infected apps. EndpointLock™ for Mobile protects your keystroke data by installing a secure encrypted keyboard that creates an alternate pathway for your keystrokes to travel to your apps, routing your encrypted data around area where keylogging spyware sits and waits to steal your keystrokes  For added security, the EndpointLock™ pathway is protected by a complex 256-bit encryption code.

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