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Dark Web Domain and Email Monitoring

Threat Intelligrence for today's emerging digital risks

A Vital Tool for any Organization

Employee credentials such as usernames and passwords are the digital gatekeepers to your organization’s most valuable assets. They are used to connect to private business applications, member information, online banking and to access sensitive company data files. Every day, the Dark Web exposes thousands of employee credentials inside stolen databases. To any disgruntled employee or cyber thief, these credentials represent a big payday. In a study conducted by ImmuniWeb, it was discovered that 95% of credentials found on the Dark Web contained plaintext passwords. [1] Cybercriminals may purchase and use your company credentials to target compromised employees with phishing emails, get into business banking and payroll systems, infiltrate sensitive information and more. The person who is in control of an email account can reset the password of any associated services or accounts –merely by requesting a password reset email.


- 67% of businesses had a breach happen when an employee
was using a mobile phone to access the company data. [2]

- 80% of companies have adopted a Bring Your Own device (BYOD)
and 70% of employees are working remotely at least once a week.
This increases risk of a breach to the enterprise. [3] [4]


- Account Takeover Fraud has tripled over the last two years. [5]

Dark Web Domain and Email Monitoring

Identifies potential security holes so you can respond early to mitigate damage

Organizations can keep one-step ahead with Dark Web Domain and Email Monitoring, which offers monitoring and early discovery of breached employee credentials and any other email addresses which connect to company systems. We will monitor thousands of Dark Web and black-market sites daily and sift through billions of records to locate and report to you any found employee credentials. Being in-the-know on the state of your company’s digital security can be a powerful threat intelligence aid because it gives you the ability to understand your weak links, be proactive and mitigate further compromise. Close to 70% of our scans return compromised information from the Dark Web.


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