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Revolutionary, New Patented Employee Benefit:
Answers the call for heightened cybersecurity



Join us for this important webinar

Each year, data breaches can be devasting to a corporation’s bottom line. According to IBM, “A single data breach on a company, cost an average of $9.4 million in the U.S.” With the emergence of new AI-related risks, it is crucial to implement solutions that protect employee devices while they access company systems. 

Introducing an innovative employee benefit plan that offers an additional advantage to corporate clients:

  • Protects employee’s personal devices from spying eyes when banking, shopping and using social media.    

  • Shields your clients from data breaches, when employees use their personal devices to log into company systems.

Join CJ Brunet, the President and COO of Advanced Cyber Security, a global cybersecurity expert, as he discusses the potential chaos that AI can cause to your clients' business and how you can answer the call with a new benefit program that can provide proactive protection.

A New Frontier in Employee Benefits:
Offering a critical solution for a modern-day employee benefit

Tuesday, May 9
12-1 pm, ET

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VBA Daily Insurance Report, in partnership with Advanced Cyber Security 
Contact: 1-888-901-0082

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