iOS Help

General Information:

System Overview:
EndpointLock™ is an application for touch screen mobile devices which improves operational security. It includes a “Secure Keyboard’, which produces keystroke encryption. With the Secure Keyboard feature, you can add a layer of security to everything you type. See "Getting Started" below to activate your Secure Keyboard on your phone's settings.

System Configuration:

EndpointLock operates on touch screen mobile devices and is compatible with IOS 6.0 (or higher versions). The application requires connection to the Internet.

                          Install Help:

Once the app is installed, use your email and password

to log into the EndpointLock app.



























Setting your Secure Keyboard:

Once you have logged into the EndpointLock app, you will need to go to your phone settings to add the EndpointLock Secure Keyboard:

Click on:
Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Keyboard - EndpointLock > Allow Full Access


























Toggle back to native keyboard:
You can toggle back and forth between all of your keyboards by tapping on the "Globe" key. If you have emojis, tap on the "Clock" key (also located on the bottom left of your keyboard) to switch out of that keyboard.



























Globe Key

Change Keyboard Language:
To change keyboard language, long press the "Globe" key and highlight your desired language.  The "Globe" key is located on the bottom left of your keyboard.



























NOTE for iOS users:

You might not be able to use Secure Keyboard in these situations:

• If the app you’re using doesn’t allow third-party keyboards.

• If you’re typing in a secure text field that shows typed characters as dots (like a password entry field), this is normal behavior.

For Apple iOS support: )