iOS Help

Downloading the EndpointLock App:

On your mobile device use the following link: or search “EndpointLock” in the Apple App Store.


Tap the cloud icon to download and install the EndpointLock app.


Once the app has finished installing click the “Open” button.


Activating the EndpointLock Keyboard:

Open the EndpointLock app and Enter your username and password then tap the “Login” button. 

NOTE: Your EndpointLock Interface will indicate “Keyboard Not Enabled” until you Add the EndpointLock Keyboard.

Now that you have logged in the next step is to enable the EndpointLock Keyboard. Tap on the Settings icon and follow the directions given.



To enable the EndpointLock keyboard, follow the steps given on this screen. Go directly to your settings, by clicking on the settings icon again.

Open the iPhone’s settings menu then tap “General”

Tap “Keyboard”


Tap “Add a new keyboard”


Tap “EndpointLock”
Note: You may need to scroll down on your screen to find “EndpointLock” 


Tap the slider next to “Allow Full Access” then tap “Allow”.

The message you see once you “Enable Full Access” is standard with all third-party keyboards. You must select “Allow” in order to enable keystroke encryption. Rest assured the EndpointLock   



Once you Allow Access, your EndpointLock 
Interface will show that the EndpointLock 
Keyboard is enabled. 

Congratulations! Now you can switch from your native keyboard to the EndpointLock keyboard.


Switching Between Keyboards


You can toggle back and forth between the EndpointLock keyboard and your phone’s other keyboards by tapping on the "Globe" key (which is located on the bottom left of your native keyboard) until your EndpointLock shield logo appears or you can simply press and hold the “Globe” key and reveal all of your keyboard options. Then select the EndpointLock Keyboard. To switch back to your native keyboard, tap the "Globe" key again 
Note: If you have emojis installed, press and hold the “Globe” key to access your emojis.


Using the Dark Web Scan

In your EndpointLock, tap the button “Scan your Email Now’.  




You will be asked to login to your EndpointLock portal. Enter the same credentials that you created during account registration. NOTE: These are the same credentials that you use to login to the EndpointLock app.



Once you have logged into the portal, enter your email address and tap on “Run Scan”




You will receive your results in seconds. If your email address has been found compromised in a breach, the report offers steps you can take to secure your accounts. If no results are found, no further action is needed.