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Complete EndpointLock Activation

Follow the instructions below to enter your license key and complete your activation. 

NOTE: To get CryptoColor to highlight the text fields in your browser, click the Browser Extensions tab above for directions. 

  1. Right-click the EndpointLock taskbar icon. Select Manage License to open EndpointLock's License Manager window.


  2. Next, enter your 24-character Activation Key (including dashes) into the text box labeled "License Key", then click the Activate       button. When prompted, ALWAYS ALLOW EndpointLock to make changes. 


If activation is successful, The EndpointLock License Manager window will display the confirmation message seen here:


*If you receive an error during activation, please address the issue stated in the error then retry activation or contact Advanced Cyber Security Technical Support. 


The EndpointLock Shield Icon should now have a green dot indicating the product is Enabled. 

Note: The status dot may remain red until the first time you click inside a field or begin to type. 

Now each time you type, you will see the enabled Endpointlock icon blinking in your Task Bar. 

CryptoColor highlights each text box in your browser and lets you know you are encrypted. To enable this feature, return to the Help Page for instructions.
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