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KTLS™ Keystroke Transport Layer Security

A new protocol that helps fill the gap in endpoint security

December, 2018

KTLS™ is an ACS patented cryptographic protocol that provides for the encryption and transport of keystrokes originating from the kernel at the time of secure boot and entry in to any application, web application or web browser. KTLS™ fills a gap in enterprise security by providing a first layer of defense against keylogging malware, which has been consistently leveraged in the beginning stages of many of the biggest hacks of our time. 

"While SSL and TLS begin strong cryptography at Layer 4 or, the Transport Layer within OSI, KTLS™ begins strong cryptography from the kernel level at ring 0 and encrypts all keystrokes."

Up until now, enterprises and government agencies have lacked the ability to fully protect their endpoints from a zero day key logger, which cannot be identified by antivirus. A keylogger is a type of surveillance software that has the capability to record every keystroke an employee makes on their keyboard. Many keyloggers come with the ability to change their form (polymorphic) and can go on undetected for months and sometimes years as they quickly spread between the endpoints within the enterprise.

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