Mac OSX Activation

EndpointLock must be activated with a valid License Key to begin protecting your system with keystroke encryption. Please follow the instructions below.

Locate the EndpointLock Shield in your dock. The red dot with "!" symbol indicates that EndpointLock is not yet activated.

Click on this icon to launch the License Manager. If the License Manger does not open, select Manage > Manage License from the menu bar at the top of your desktop screen. 

STEP 2: 
Next, enter your 24 character Activation Key (including dashes) into the text box labeled "License Key", then click the Activate button:

If activation is successful, LicenseStatus will change to Activated:

You should now see the EndpointLock icon with a green dot indicating that it has been successfully activated:

Next, click here to continue to Browser Extensions in order to add Highlighted text fields/CryptoColor to all of your browser text fields

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