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EndpointLock™ Keystroke Encryption for merchants
Protect your valuable customer data  and business assets from account takeover


Keylogging is the #1 malware component responsible for identity theft on your device. This spyware is commonly downloaded as a result of clicking on an infected link inside an email, text or web page. This practice of tricking unsuspecting victims into clicking on links that look legitimate is called phishing. According to recent reports, “phishing was found in 90% of breaches and 95% of phishing attempts that led to a breach, were followed by software installation." This includes keyloggers. 

Endpointlock Keystroke Encryption eliminates the ability for keylogging spyware to capture keystrokes on your device, even those not yet discovered by antivirus, antispyware and firewalls. EndpointLock protects the device by creating an alternate encrypted pathway, routing the keystrokes around the area of vulnerability. No anti-virus software has this capability. EndpointLock works for you behind the scenes to protect your business assets by blocking software keyloggers that infect your device and steal everything you type. Installation is easy and requires no maintenance on your part. Just set it and forget it as EndpointLock goes to work and encrypts your keystrokes.
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Small businesses are targeted by cybercriminals because they possess a wealth of cardholder information and are much less likely than larger businesses too have the necessary security features in place to combat cyber theft. EndpointLock protects all sensitive information at the point of data entry on merchant devices and any employee devices that connect to your business and customers.

First Line of Defense

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