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  • EndpointLock Keystroke Encryption
  • $50k Ransomware Coverage

The Missing Link in Consumer Ransomware Protection for Employees, Customers, Members and Employee Benefits

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ACS answers the call with a Ransomware Protection Plan that provides robust protection and peace of mind.

EndpointLock™ Keystroke Encryption software app

EndpointLock stops keylogging spyware that gets downloaded as part of a phishing attack and

is often used as the first step to install ransomware.

$50,000 Ransomware Coverage

Covers the costs of ransom payments, data recovery, and related expenses in the event of a

ransomware attack covering all members in your household.


Features and Benefits

Partners in Crime:

Phishing, Keyloggers and Ransomware: Increasingly Targeting the Consumer Market

Keyloggers infect your device due to phishing attacks and steal everything you type. Stolen keystrokes become ammunition for ransomware attacks and data lockdowns. In the grasp of a ransomware attack, your intimate messages, photos, browsing activities, credit card and financial details become vulnerable.

Ransomware attacks pose a risk of having your personal files sent to your contacts or published online for maximum exposure and embarrassment, leaving you violated. If the ransom isn’t paid, your financial data and credit card details can be sold on the dark web and used in account takeover and card not present purchases.

Alarming Statistics:

64% of Consumers

reported that Ransomware is top concern.

85% of

deliver malware including keyloggers.

62% of Consumers

worry about falling prey to Phishing Attacks. 

45% of Ransomware Attacks

are delivered by Phishing Attacks.

135% increase in malicious emails

due to the widespread

availability of A.I.

91% of Cyber Attacks begin with phishing

the most common method used to deliver keyloggers and ransomware.

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