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Keystroke Encryption for the Enterprise

with KTLS (Keystroke Transport Layer Security) cryptographic protocol

The Missing Link in Endpoint Security for Employees, Customers, Members and Employee Benefits


EndpointLock Keystroke Encryption, enhanced with Keystroke Transport Layer Security (KTLS), provides a tailored solution for enterprise-level security requirements, offering robust defense against evolving cyber threats. Its advanced encryption technology ensures that sensitive data remains secure across all endpoints within the enterprise network.


Furthermore, EndpointLock's Unlimited 24/7 Dark Web Scanning feature can be used to detect compromised credentials, proactively alerting the user to potential risks and enabling swift mitigation actions.


Features and Benefits

Phishing Attacks and Keyloggers:
The Leading Culprits Behind Over 90% of Enterprise Breaches

Studies now show that over 90% of enterprise breaches begin with a successful phishing attack to an endpoint. This is frequently followed by the installation of spyware, specifically a keylogger. Keyloggers are one of the most common, yet dangerous components of malware and are used to gain access credentials needed to advance a breach. In fact, keyloggers were at the helm of some of the biggest breaches of our time including large retailers, banks, and health organizations. 

By encrypting keystrokes at the endpoint level and implementing KTLS cryptographic protocol, EndpointLock effectively shields against unauthorized access, data breaches, and potential cyberattacks.



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