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We develop individualized solutions to help secure your valuable assets.

Advanced Cyber Security (ACS) is a leader in credential and data security with preventative products that fill a gap in traditional security protocol. This security gap can be leveraged by keyloggers to advance an attack and has been found in the first stages of some of the biggest breaches in history.

ACS was the world’s first cyber security firm to introduce KTLS™ (Keystroke Transport Layer Security™) technology to the enterprise and compliance / regulatory agencies. KTLS™ is a security protocol which addresses a vulnerability existing between the keystrokes and the application or browser, where keystrokes can be captured by keylogging spyware.

ACS security products surpass other credential protection tools which work at identifying existing “known” catalogued threats. By the time systems are scanned and threats are identified, they have already invaded the endpoint and moved deep into the company’s network.  ACS flagship product, EndpointLock takes a more proactive approach to protecting desktop and mobile endpoints by encrypting all keystrokes being typed into any application on any PC, IOS or Android device.

It is this “preventative” layer of security at the initial input of any keystroke that differentiates ACS from other offerings in the marketplace. It is this patented technology that has attracted Fortune 500 companies to partner with ACS both for internal use and for distribution to their base of customers. 

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