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Keystroke Encryption can help protect from Medical Insurance Fraud

Health care fraud impacts both individuals and businesses, resulting in losses totaling tens of billions of dollars annually. Medical insurance fraud is a prevalent form of identity theft, wherein fraudsters infiltrate your health insurance system, gain access to your health insurance details and exploit your benefits. In instances where your coverage maxes out without your active participation, it's likely that cybercriminals have illicitly seized your identity for their own gain.

These attackers breach your health insurance defenses using your personally identifiable information, including details like your social security number, date of birth, and address. Recently, the Justice department announced that despite an increase in cybersecurity measures, medical insurance fraud has continued to rise. Taking steps to safeguard such information becomes imperative to uphold the confidentiality of your identity.

Using EndpointLock Keystroke Encryption while entering sensitive data into your device such as health information, can protect you from identity theft. Hospitals and healthcare institutions can also benefit from installing keystroke encryption on all endpoint devices logging in and entering data into electronic healthcare portals.



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