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Our free website security scanner will scan your WordPress website to locate your critical flaws and vulnerabilities that account for most WordPress attacks.

FREE WordPress Vulnerability Scan

Enter your web WordPress address for a FREE real time scan to ensure your site is free from vulnerabilities. Most scans are complete in 30 minutes. Depending on your plugins it may take up to 3 hours. No credit card required.

Automatically scans your WordPress website for security flaws.
Takes just minutes for a small to medium company.
Scans unlimited number of pages.
Non-invasive – does not affect the operation of your Wordpress website.
Receive an easy-to-read report detailing your vulnerabilities.

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Why WordPress Security?

Studies show that 90% or more of WP websites are vulnerable to being attacked. Every day, hackers and their bots troll the Internet for WordPress websites using a particular plugin with a known vulnerability. They inject their malicious code undetected by you or your customers until it is too late and the hacker has already stolen valuable data, credit card information and bank logins. Many times, Google and the other search engines find that your site was hacked before you do and they drop you in the rankings or black list your site. Ultimately, a hacked website can negatively affect your business reputation and can result in lost business. (read more)

Why Advanced Cyber Security?

Advanced Cyber Security understands that outdated plugins can happen for many reasons.  You either don’t have time and forget to update, or you may fear that upgrading your plugin will adversely effect other elements on your website, cause it to crash and stop loading.  Or perhaps the plugin is no longer supported by the developer.

For these reasons, even the most high profile websites contain multiple outdated plugins.  Even if you have a firewall, virus protection software and are PCI compliant you may still be vulnerable to being hacked. The WP Cyber Security Shield™ protects outdated plugins, your WordPress website and your customers who visit your site from being hacked for just $19.99 per month. Click here to learn more about the WP Cyber Security Shield™.

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