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Identity Fraud in Small Business

The IRS lists the signs that your small business may have been breached

Identity theft is a serious threat to a small business. According to the IRS,"Thieves may steal sensitive information to file a fraudulent tax return for a refund or to commit other crimes. All taxpayers must be alert and on guard at all times. It is important to take strong security measures to protect your business' and your employees' data."

Signs of Identity Theft for a small business

Be alert to possible business identity theft if:

  • You can't e-file a return because one was already filed with the same EIN or SSN.

  • You get a rejection notice for a routine extension to file request because a return with duplicate EIN or SSN is already on file.

  • You receive an unexpected tax transcript or IRS notice that doesn't match anything submitted.

  • You receive a Letter 6042C or 5263C from us.

  • You don't receive expected or routine correspondence from the IRS because the business address has been changed.



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