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KTLS (Keystroke Transportation Layer Security) Expands the Cybersecurity Perimeter to the Keystroke.

Advanced Cyber Security (ACS) is an innovator in credential and data security
with preventative services that fill a gap in traditional security protocol.

Military-Grade Encryption that begins at Data Creation.

Protection Against Polymorphic Zero-day Keyloggers.

Preemptive Defense stops a Breach from Advancing.

Unparalleled Protection Beyond Antivirus.

The Vulnerable Gap in Endpoint Security_

The Vulnerability Gap in Endpoint Security

Traditional keystroke data flows through a series of steps before it appears in your monitor. Hidden in these steps in an area of vulnerability where keyloggers can be installed. This vulnerability gap in endpoint security arises when keyloggers exploit the transmission of unprotected keystrokes, intercepting sensitive data as it travels from the keyboard to applications or browsers. This "data in transit" vulnerability poses a significant risk, potentially leading to the compromise of passwords, credit card details, and other confidential information.

THE SOLUTION: KTLS™ Keystroke Transport Layer Security 

While SSL and TLS begin strong cryptography at Layer 4 or, the Transport Layer within OSI, KTLS™ (Keystroke Transport Layer Security) begins strong cryptography from the kernel level at ring 0 and encrypts all keystrokes. Using KTLS protocol, EndpointLock Keystroke Encryption proactively encrypts all keystrokes at the kernel, the point of data entry, and re-routes the encrypted keystrokes around the vulnerability through its own "Out of Band" channel, a separate path that is invisible to keyloggers, which is protected with a military-grade 256-bit encryption code.

Addressing Keylogging Threats in Telecommunications

Article by Dr. Max Pala, PhD

“EndpointLock, developed by Advanced Cyber Security, is a powerful security solution designed to combat the growing threat of keyloggers and malware targeting sensitive data on mobile devices and desktops. For companies juggling vast amounts of customer PII and login credentials, EndpointLock offers a critical layer of defense against data breaches, moving from reactive solutions to proactive defenses.”


– About Dr. Max Pala, PhD, Security, VP Engineering Dr Pala has authored patents on security & quantum computing, published papers on internet security & PKI and founded Security Think Tank (OpenCA Labs).

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